Let’s dive into an intriguing story about Develup, this awesome hiring place, teaming up with Werbooz to make hiring and job recruitment’s way better. This story spills the beans on two special dashboards that made a big splash at a job fest that was held in November 2023.

Project Oveview

Werbooz and Develup had a mission make two super cool dashboards.

A separate dashboard for the employers who will connect with the right talent and provide jobs, and one for the boss and his staff to manage all the organizations that are known as employers to mankind. Ambitious goals, right?

At first, they shared a simple yet powerful idea with us, they had employers Who wanted to create their workforce and they had candidates who can kickstart their career. They wanted to create a platform which can connect these two entities with each other.

To meet this needs we put together a skilled team at Werbooz to create these 2 web applications for Develup. They had a very clear vision:



Werbooz understood the requirements thoroughly, and with careful consideration, we skillfully designed a prototype. Focusing on ideal color contrast, interactive UI elements, and thoughtfully organized structures, we ensured a smart and user-friendly web application without compromising on simplicity.

we created wire frames, and after that we made our own designs and prototypes from scratch using figma. Those designs were happily approved by the clients because of the wireframes and prototypes we made; they could envision exactly how the final product would look once it is out there.

The prototypes that we built were for 2 different dashboards:

The Employer Dashboard has its own capabilities like

  • Develup Candidate Database

  • Job Posting Capabilities

  • Candidate Hiring System

  • Team Creation System

  • Platform Analytics

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The Admin Dashboard has its own capabilities like

  • Manage Employers

  • Manage Candidates

  • Verify Employers

  • Verify Companies

  • Add Relationship Managers

  • Job Posting Capabilities

  • And Many More


Once our prototypes got the green light, there was no time for a big celebration because we were up against a tight deadline. So, for the backend we broke the entire system into smaller modules and after that we started building API’s. We made robust and flexible APIs to connect the backend with the front-end. Our in-house development team of professionals allowed us exceptional collaboration while we worked on both frontend and backend. And breaking down the system into intelligently manageable modules allowed us to integrate the APIs simultaneously into both the backend and frontend.

System Developed

Job Creation System

develup allows you to create jobs, The jobs that you are creating can be customised according to theliking of the employer Also the employer dashboard has options to create jobswith the automated suggestions. The system will provide you with relevantsuggestions, like unique technical and soft skills for a particular job post.

Now Picture This :

The jobs that are created by the employerwill be shown to the candidates on the candidate portal The candidate cananalyse the jobs they Can check that whether they are the perfect fit for this jobor not. And they can apply for this job.


Candidate Hiring System

The candidates can apply for their specific jobsAccording to their preferences and the candidates are supposed to provide theirnecessary details so that all their skills and expertise can be properlyreflected to the employer.

Following this, the employer can hire the candidatesbased on the job requirements There are basically two ways an employer can findan ideal candidate for a job:

Using Job Post

The job posts are uploaded and reflected on the develup portal when the candidate applies through the job portal Then he will belong to that particular job post the employer who has posted this particular job post can analyse the candidates resume and can schedule an interview with him and can further Follow the rest of the process.

Platform Analytics and Dashboard

The Develup platform offers a comprehensive Dashboard page where employers can access analytics, providing insights into platform activities. This includes details on the total number of jobs, active jobs, scheduled jobs, and upcoming jobs.

Additionally, employers can track various metrics such as

The number of applicants, scheduled interviews, shortlisted candidates, and the total number of hires made through the platform. The Dashboard also displays the latest job postings and a list of courses available on the platform for easy access to all relevant information.

Technologies Used

Nothing great is made alone
Dynamic without limits
Building websites that React to anything
Mongo DB
Disrupt industries by unleashing the power of software and data
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Step into the future with AWS cloud solutions

We purposefully curated a selection of advanced technologies designed to enhance performance and foster collaboration. In essence, our thoughtfully curated technology stack not only facilitated efficiency, collaboration, and adaptability but also played a crucial role in achieving the successful realization of our project’s objectives. After proper testing and when the client was satisfied by the product, we deployed the entire product.


The Entire Narrative and Upcoming Phase Two

At the end, the client was very pleased with his website and the proprietary software that Werbooz built for it. The client, from the beginning, was surprised that how we were managing things so intelligently within this tight budget. We collaborated closely with the client to avoid any potential delays, and in the end, the client was truly satisfied with the work.

We completed the entire work in 60 business days, giving the website and proprietary software proper justice. Impressed with our capacity planning and system improvements, our client said we earned the stripe to be their long-term partner.After weekendo was successfully delivered, we have started gearing up for the next part of the project that is phase 2 of weekendo. so stay tuned for our next update where we will be talking about all the new features and exciting things happening to weekendo in phase 2. we are very excited for the phase 2, and we can’t wait to share more with you soon

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That’s it for today; we hope you enjoyed the case study. Stay tuned for upcoming updates.

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