Imagine a dynamic platform where stories breathe and come alive through interactive chat narratives. Our platform serves as a canvas for creative fiction scriptwriters and individuals fascinated by psychology, allowing them to craft and share stories in modular form.

Project Oveview

What Panchatantra did for morality our tools will do for psychology in present day

The journey began in 2013 when Anya first envisioned creating a platform to explore aspects of mental health and human behavior. After a stint at Harvard Boston in2014, where she delved into psychology, and returning to IIM Bangalore in 2017,Anya pitched the idea for such a platform. She wanted to create and build a platform with the help of werbooz to promote conversations around behaviour.

At our quest is to explore human behaviour & integrate it as a part of daily life through creative endeavours & an interdisciplinary approach to psychology using the latest trending technologies & platforms. ProBehave promotes authentic conversations around behaviour using contemporary platforms to positively impact mental well being. Making it the first of its kind platform in India.



The story spills the beans about a lady named Ananya who sought a holistic approach to therapy. Her quest was to heal people suffering from pain, anxiety and depression; using her knowledge about psychology.

“ But there was a problem that how can a person facing all this will reach out to Aanya with his/her problem?”

This question always bothered Aanya and One day, she found us on LinkedIn, reaching out for assistance. We had a call, and she discussed all the problems and was seeking for an solution, we grasped the issue and gathered all the requirements, and Provided an solution to build an website so that they can reach out to her.

At the very begining, Ananya wanted her website to be named as “People Tree Therapy.” This initiative aimed for a holistic therapy approach, drawing inspiration from the symbolic Pipal tree in Indian culture.

A psychology counsellor sitting across from a client in a warm, inviting office, engaging in a therapeutic session


“Understanding Ananya’s needs”

we created “People Tree Therapy,” a small domino in a chain of upcoming projects. Ananya realized she also wanted to explore human behaviour and she wanted to integrate it into daily life of others through creative endeavours and an interdisciplinary psychology approach.

“ Idea ”

This led to the idea of a platform where people could read and create interactive stories; interactive, because you can make choices And immerse in the beautiful storytelling and strong characters and settings and explore your own journey of self discovery and self growth.she wanted us to create—a chat stories platform promoting authentic conversations around behaviour.

Friends hugging while sitting with coach in room


” From Concept to Confidence: Probehave’s Design Journey”

Anya named her platform “Probehave” and was born. It became Werbooz’s first big project at that time; a contract was signed between both the parties. Initially in order to help client understand the flow of the project “in simple words” we came up with low-fidelity concepts and presented them to our in-house team and then to the client.

The client gave the green flag after understanding the fidelity concepts. After that Wireframes were developed for a broader understanding, so that the client can visualize the layout of the particular pages and once the pages got approved by the client. Figma designs and prototypes followed, ensuring the client was confident in the platform’s look. And Because of the prototyping in figma The client could interact with the platform even before the platform was built So the client was very sure with her vision coming to life.

System Developed

Crafting Interactive Chat Stories

Crafting Interactive Chat Stories Dashboard

Probehave consists of a content management system, in whichusers have the capability to craft captivating chat stories and read them as well, introducing a dynamic and interactive narrative experience. Story writers can meticulously design diverse scenes and introduce a variety of characters, creating the best storytelling experience for the reader.

This module caters to two primary audience types:

Creators actively involved in shaping chat stories and readers who delight in consuming these engaging and interactive stories. Interactive because the reader can make choices and the the story will progress according to the choices the user makes.


Empowering Storytellers throughVersatile Creation

For the story writers within Probehave CMS, the canvas is expansive, and they can go all out with their creativity. Since the storytellers can create and present multiple choices to the user, this progresses into a story that could give birth to an ending with multiple possibilities, promising the best reading experience where the user feels like they are the main character in the story.

Crafting vivid scenes/characters that sets the tone for the narrative.

Story writers breathe life into a variety of characters, each created with unique traits and contributions to the evolving story. These characters possess multiple layers, and as each layer unfolds, readers are empowered to engage deeply with the narratives that complements the ongoing story.

Exploring Probehave: Other Systems


Exploring the depth of Probehave’s website reveals a numerous sophisticated systems that are designed to enhance the story writing experience of the story tellers.

Other prominent probehave systems🤐 and their confidentiality🤫

There is much more to explore but due to confidentiality constraints, we are unable to disclose the depth of other platform systems due to these restrictions. there are several other system that are unexplored in this case study like the blog creation system, user creation system, category creation system, and a skillful team management system designed specifically for Pro-Behave are noteworthy systems.

These underlying systems are the reason behind probehave’s seamless and efficient operational framework.

Technologies Used

Nothing great is made alone
Dynamic without limits
Building websites that React to anything
Mongo DB
Disrupt industries by unleashing the power of software and data
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Step into the future with AWS cloud solutions

We purposefully curated a selection of advanced technologies designed to enhance performance and foster collaboration. In essence, our thoughtfully curated technology stack not only facilitated efficiency, collaboration, and adaptability but also played a crucial role in achieving the successful realization of our project’s objectives. After proper testing and when the client was satisfied by the product, we deployed the entire product.


Merging Psychology In Daily Lives and Showcasing Creativity in Stories

Upon completion of the project, Anya found immense joy in bringing both and to life. Her dream of integrating psychology into individuals’ daily lives had become a reality. Now, she could extend her expertise to help people dealing with not only depression and anxiety but also various other mental health challenges on her consultation platform.

Probehave’s intention aligns seamlessly with their logo, it represents authenticity and growth with blue and green hues representing consciousness. Surrounding dots symbolize the dynamic nature of personality, capturing the delicate balance between self and society. The obround shape embodies both the start and end, signifying a multidisciplinary psychological journey. The whole shape together also looks like a start button, representing new beginnings and transformation. At the end It’s we who put meaning to what we see. For us the logo represents these three aspects.

In a nutshell, stands as a captivating narrative and interactive chat stories platform, catering to both the audience one yearning for engaging chat stories and other individuals eager to showcase their creative narratives, By Collaborating with Probehave’s in-house team and bring them to life on the platform.

On the other hand, is a place where anya integrates psychology into her therapy and provides a realistic solution focused therapy that focuses on the process of ‘Individuation’ that is self identity & self discovery.
In this harmonious blend of creativity and psychology, and create spaces that resonate with both storytellers and seekers of self-understanding.

That’s it for today; we hope you enjoyed the case study. Stay tuned for upcoming updates.

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