This is the most common question that has been asked by our family or our friends. Whenever we have a free week or a holiday.No matter how much you try to avoid it but this question has  been asked by our friends and family members multiple times  when there is a weekend. We are so busy working everytime, that we do not get enough time to plan our weekends properly and most of the times we end up losing out on many exciting options just because we didn’t payed much attention to palnning weekends beforehand. So why are we even discussing this? Are we going to solve this problem? Do we have an ace up our sleeve?? So, yes! we have got a perfect solution for Planning your weekends. And that solution is eight letters long its name is “Weekendo”.

Project Oveview

Weekendo came to us with a  very interesting idea they wanted two things

Firstly, they wanted a Proprietary Software through which they can create their newsletter and deliver that newsletter to their audience. The software isn’t a normal software But The Software categorise’s the audience according to the city that they have selected So for example, if you have filled the form and you are from Pune City, then you will receive all the category updates of Pune City to plan your weekend.

Secondly, they wanted a beautiful website in order to attract their audience so that they sign up for the weekly newsletter.

There were some common doubts About the weekly newsletters, like :



Weekendo had a vision of what they wanted and they chose Werbooz to help them build their own proprietary software and website. The client came to us with a detailed list of what they exactly want and after getting an understanding of the client requirements we started following our standard process such as creating wireframes, Figma designs, and prototypes. Once the client approved the prototypes, we started working on both the weekendo tool and their website.
we wanted to create a fully-fledged system that isn’t dependent on other tools but a custom tool that is built from scratch catering all requirements for preparing a newsletter and managing platform.

The prototypes were built for 2 things:

The Weekendo proprietary Software

  • Automated Newsletter Creation System

  • Ad Creation System

  • Employee Management System

  • Tag Creation System

  • Category Creation System

  • Location Creation System

The Weekendo website was built to.

  • Brings Crowd to Weekendo

  • Provide Exposure to Website

  • To Collaborate with the Companies

  • To Join Weekendo Newsletters According to Their Respective City

People Connectivity

People Connectivity

After building the prototypes and after getting clients approval we broke the entire Weekendo tool into smaller modules and after that we started designing weekendo’s website

To make sure the front end and back-end work together smoothly, we crafted a reliable set of flexible APIs and Our skilled in-house programming team did a fantastic job, making it easy for us to collaborate seamlessly on both the front and back ends. What’s more, we managed to integrate the APIs into both sides at the same time by breaking down the system into smart, manageable pieces.

System Developed

Automated Newsletter Sending System

Dive into the realm of possibilities with Weekendo’s proprietary Ad Creation System. Here, companies find a unique platform to collaborate and tap into the vast expanse of our audience. Within our proprietary software, companies can not only prioritize the importance of their advertisements but also witness them strategically placed in our newsletters.

Isn’t it Exciting?

Imagine having 14 distinct categories as your canvas to showcase products or services. Picture the exclusive slots where your offerings get the spotlight they deserve.

Ad Creation System

Ad Creation system weekendo


The candidates can apply for their specific jobsAccording to their preferences and the candidates are supposed to provide theirnecessary details so that all their skills and expertise can be properlyreflected to the employer.

Following this, the employer can hire the candidatesbased on the job requirements There are basically two ways an employer can findan ideal candidate for a job:

Using Job Post

The job posts are uploaded and reflected on the develup portal when the candidate applies through the job portal Then he will belong to that particular job post the employer who has posted this particular job post can analyse the candidates resume and can schedule an interview with him and can further Follow the rest of the process.

Employee Management System

The Employee Management System within Weekendo empowers the admis to create their own workforce in order to curate information and create  newsletters for the intended audience. This system enables precise control over the dispersing of newsletters and allowing the admins to determine which newsletters are sent to specific cities. Secondly, Comprehensive historical data on newsletters is easily accessible to the admin for providing efficient management of the proprietary software.

The Employee Management System has more functionalities than that meets the eye, but they can’t be revealed due to confidentiality constraints 🤫


Technologies Used

Nothing great is made alone
Dynamic without limits
Building websites that React to anything
Mongo DB
Disrupt industries by unleashing the power of software and data
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Step into the future with AWS cloud solutions

We purposefully curated a selection of advanced technologies designed to enhance performance and foster collaboration. In essence, our thoughtfully curated technology stack not only facilitated efficiency, collaboration, and adaptability but also played a crucial role in achieving the successful realization of our project’s objectives. After proper testing and when the client was satisfied by the product, we deployed the entire product.


The Entire Narrative and Upcoming Phase Two

At the end, the client was very pleased with his website and the proprietary software that Werbooz built for it. The client, from the beginning, was surprised that how we were managing things so intelligently within this tight budget. We collaborated closely with the client to avoid any potential delays, and in the end, the client was truly satisfied with the work.

We completed the entire work in 60 business days, giving the website and proprietary software proper justice. Impressed with our capacity planning and system improvements, our client said we earned the stripe to be their long-term partner.After weekendo was successfully delivered, we have started gearing up for the next part of the project that is phase 2 of weekendo. so stay tuned for our next update where we will be talking about all the new features and exciting things happening to weekendo in phase 2. we are very excited for the phase 2, and we can’t wait to share more with you soon

That’s it for today; we hope you enjoyed the case study. Stay tuned for upcoming updates.

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