What 's New in the June 10th IOS update?

June 10 is coming IOS !!!
It is exciting and full of surprises for the tech enthusiasts!

What are the new features in the updated IOS?
What can we expect from this update?
Would this be a historic moment concerning AI?

And many more questions!


We are here to provide you what the expectations and the present trends suggest about these updates.
Let us move to this journey of this tech adventure!

What is on June 10?

On June 10, Apple will unveil iOS 18 at the WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) 2024 event. This update is expected to be one of the most significant in the company’s history, introducing a host of new features powered by generative AI, a revamped Siri, and major upgrades to Apple Music, Messages, iWork, and the Settings app.

WWWDC(Worlds wide developers Conference 2024)
WWWDC(Worlds wide developers Conference 2024)


Apple is planning to release an update with new AI features for several apps, including Safari, Messages, Notes, Spotlight, and Siri. One exciting part of the upcoming iOS 18 update is the addition of AI-powered photo editing tools. These tools will allow users to easily enhance their photos, giving them more control and creativity over how their pictures look. For example, the AI could help users automatically adjust lighting, remove unwanted objects, or apply artistic effects with just a few taps. This means even people who aren’t experts in photo editing can make their pictures look professional and unique.


Recent reports indicate that Apple may have reached an agreement with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, to integrate generative AI capabilities into iOS 18. Interestingly, most of these AI features are expected to operate on-device rather than depending on the cloud. Additionally, to lessen its dependence on OpenAI, Apple is reportedly looking to partner with Google to incorporate Gemini into iOS 18.

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What benefits can be expected from this update?

Utilizing on-device AI offers several clear benefits, such as enhanced privacy, the capability to function offline or in areas with limited internet connectivity, and faster response times. But this is, in general, what ON-device AI can do. If there is any collaboration with a third party like Open AI or Chat GPT, there are some concerns related to data breach and attacks on privacy!

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On Devices AI

Apple is working on designing an AI-powered version of Siri by potentially collaborating with GPT models and OpenAI. This new, smarter Siri could include advanced features like image generation and text generation.

For instance, Siri might soon help users create detailed text content, such as writing emails, composing messages, or even generating creative stories and articles based on user prompts. Additionally, Siri could generate images, which means users could describe a scene or object, and Siri would create a corresponding visual representation.

The integration of advanced AI models would position Siri as not just a voice assistant but a comprehensive AI companion capable of handling a wide range of tasks.

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Hey Siri, Whats Up!

Apple is planning to introduce AI-generated emojis and AI-generated responses for notifications, such as emails and text messages. This means that when you receive a message or notification, the AI can suggest emojis and responses that are contextually relevant and personalized.

For example, if you receive a message asking if you want to meet for lunch, Siri could suggest a thumbs-up emoji or a pre-written response like “Sure, what time?” These AI-generated responses will make it quicker and easier to reply to messages, saving your time and effort.

By leveraging advanced AI, Apple aims to enhance user experience across its messaging platforms, making communication more engaging and efficient. These features are expected to be part of Apple’s broader strategy to incorporate AI into its ecosystem, providing users with smarter and more adaptive tools.


Apple is expected to introduce a wide range of AI-powered tools for designing and editing images or photos in its upcoming updates. Among the features being discussed are an AI object eraser and advanced photo retouch capabilities.

What is an AI object eraser?

The AI Object Eraser is a feature in photo editing software that uses artificial intelligence to remove unwanted objects from images seamlessly. By analyzing the image, the AI can intelligently fill in the background where the object was removed, making it appear as if the object was never there. This tool is particularly useful for enhancing photos by eliminating distractions or unwanted elements, allowing users to achieve a cleaner and more focused image.

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AI object eraser

What about the Photo retouch feature?

The Photo Retouch feature in photo editing software allows users to enhance and improve their images by making various adjustments. This can include removing blemishes, smoothing skin, adjusting lighting and colors, and correcting imperfections. Using AI technology, the retouch feature can automatically identify and enhance specific areas of a photo, making it easier for users to achieve professional-looking results with minimal effort.

These AI-driven tools are designed to provide users with unparalleled control and creativity, enabling them to transform their visual content effortlessly. By integrating these features, Apple aims to empower users to create stunning photos and images, making high-quality photo editing more accessible and user-friendly.

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Photo retouch feature


Users can look forward to exciting new features like voice transcription and digital voice note creation in Apple’s upcoming updates. These tools will significantly enhance note-taking efficiency and convenience.

Voice Transcription will allow users to convert spoken words into written text in real time. The AI will accurately transcribe speech, including punctuation, making the text ready to use or share immediately.

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Digital Voice Note Creation will enable users to record and save voice notes directly on their devices. These voice notes can be organized, tagged, and even transcribed into text if needed.
Together, these tools will revolutionize the process of taking and managing notes, making it faster and more efficient. Users will be able to focus more on the content and context of their notes rather than the mechanics of recording them.

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Digital Voice Note Creation


Apple is anticipated to introduce AI-powered tools for content summarization, along with new customization options, in its upcoming IOS updates. These enhancements aim to improve user productivity and personalization.

AI-Powered Content Summarization will enable users to quickly generate concise summaries of lengthy articles, documents, or emails. This feature uses advanced AI algorithms to identify key points and essential information, providing users with a brief overview without the need to read the entire content.

New Customization Options are also expected to be included, allowing users to tailor their devices and applications to better suit their preferences and needs. These options might include customizable themes, personalized app layouts, and more advanced settings for notifications and accessibility.

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On-device large language models (LLMs) don’t have the support of powerful servers with billions of parameters, which makes commercial chatbots like ChatGPT or Gemini very advanced. As a result, on-device models might not be as smart or knowledgeable in many situations. For example:

  1. Complex Questions: A server-based model like ChatGPT can provide detailed answers to complicated questions about science, history, or technology. An on-device model might give simpler, less accurate answers.
  2. Language Translation: Server-based models can handle translations between many languages with high accuracy. On-device models might struggle with less common languages or complex sentences.
  3. Understanding Context: When having a long conversation, server-based models can keep track of context better and provide more relevant responses. On-device models might lose track and give less coherent answers.

In short, on-device models are more limited in their capabilities compared to those that rely on powerful, remote servers.

Unlocking Vision: Your iPhone, Guided by Your Gaze


Eye Tracking is a groundbreaking tool designed to assist users with physical disabilities. This feature harnesses the power of the front-facing camera to monitor eye movements, allowing users to navigate their iPhone or iPad solely with their gaze. This advancement promises to significantly enhance the user experience for individuals who are unable to use touch input.
So, no more difficulty for those who have any optical disability or problem!


Additional notable features include Music Haptics, which allows users who are deaf or hard of hearing to feel synchronized vibrations along with their music. This feature uses advanced haptic feedback technology to convert audio signals into tactile sensations, providing a richer, more immersive experience for users who rely on their sense of touch to enjoy music.

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As the date of June 10th approaches, tech enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the launch of the updated iOS. According to reports, this release is expected to be one of the significant milestones in the ongoing tech revolution, promising to bring a host of innovative features and improvements that will enhance user experience and redefine the capabilities of mobile technology. From making most of the features linked with AI to bringing everything technically advanced, the eyes are on the grand launch of the updated IOS.


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