Osstf District 10 Collective Agreement 2018

The OSSTF District 10 collective agreement for 2018 has been a topic of discussion for educators and government officials alike. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of employment for teachers and support staff in the district and covers a wide range of issues, from compensation to sick leave.

One of the most significant changes in this agreement is the increase in salaries for teachers and support staff. Under the new agreement, teachers will see an increase of 1.5% in each of the two years, while support staff will see a 2% increase in each of the two years. This increase helps to bring compensation to a level that is more competitive with other districts and schools.

The agreement also includes changes to sick leave provisions. In the past, teachers and support staff had access to 20 sick days per year, but the new agreement reduces this to 10, with no carry-over from year to year. This change was made to reduce costs for the district and to promote teacher attendance in the classroom.

Another notable change in the agreement is the introduction of a professional development fund for teachers. This fund is intended to support ongoing education and training for teachers and will be allocated based on a number of factors, including school size and teacher experience.

Overall, the OSSTF District 10 collective agreement for 2018 reflects a commitment to improving the quality of education in the district while also ensuring fair compensation and benefits for teachers and support staff. While there may be areas where the agreement falls short, it represents an important step forward in the ongoing effort to provide quality education to students in the district.