Recruitment web Application:A Comprehensive Guide


Have you ever wondered , in the era of globalization and industrialization, how can employers find a proper workforce of talented people, and how can an employee find the right place to work?

Is there any win-win solution where both employers and employees can search for one another , in an efficient manner?

Well, a simple solution to the above-mentioned problem is to build a powerful recruitment web application.

So, what is a powerful recruitment web application?

A POWERFUL recruitment web application means an application that is successful in meeting the demands of both employers and job seekers. Thus, a powerful web application can aggrandize all the employers, the company and the job seekers as well.

Here, we provide you A comprehensive guide on building a powerful recruitment web application.

This article covers the following points in detail :

1  Why is it important to build a strong recruitment web application?

2 Key Features Of Recruitment Web Application

3 Proper Recruitment Process: Understanding the who, what, when, where, why and how of your recruitment strategy

4 Types of recruitment web applications

5 Building a powerful recruitment web application from scratch(Step-by-step guide)

6 Cost of Building a Powerful Recruitment Web Application

7 Key Examples and Case Studies

8 Conclusion

1. Why is it important to build a strong recruitment web application?

A report by TOI states that in April 2024, a wave of mass layoffs impacted some of the world’s biggest companies, including Tesla, Google, and Apple, cutting more than 20,000 workers. Until April 2024, over 70,000 people were laid off in the tech sector.

This forms the reason why you must invest your time and money to develop a job recruitment application. Youth have a large market, and you are in a perfect position to enter into this market to curate the right workforce and provide it to the employers and companies.

Nearly 70% of 2021 Job Applications Were Made from Mobile Devices, This itself is an indication for building a Job recruitment web application. As we dive deeper it was found out that jobs applied by mobile increased across the board but they were especially significant in these sectors: 86% of applications for gig-type jobs—such as delivery drivers and ride-sharing apps.

Job Applications through mobile devices in 2021
Job Applications through mobile devices in 2021

2. Key Features Of Recruitment Web Application:

When building a recruitment application you must decide the functionalities to enhance the recruitment process. This will clarify what you need from designers and developers. Most existing recruitment applications have lengthy processes, biased screening, poor communication, and slow responses. Address these issues by providing innovative recruitment app features, such as:

 Flow chart highlighting the key attributes that set apart a leading web development firm
Features of recruitment web application

Job Postings and Notifications

There must be a provision that the recruiter can post the job and receive notifications. So that potential candidates can see the job post and respond to the job. A subscription fee can be added so that companies can pay for promoting their job listing, making it visible to more prospective job seekers, which will give companies a competitive edge over other companies.

Resume Parsing

Go through all the resumes in seconds! A feature like resume parser can significantly improve The user experience of your recruitment web application. This feature could be a real game-changer when you will be able to back out the key skills and experiences of different candidates from a ton of resumes, saving time and energy of recruiters.

Interview scheduling

Streamlining the interview scheduling process can save you time during the recruitment process. The Develup Employer Dashboard can prove itself a useful tool for managing the interviewing process. With proper recruitment tools you can set up video interviews using develup dashboard, and you can sync the interview invitations with a variety of calendar apps to help you keep them organized.

Interactive video interviews and assessment

Imagine interviewing where candidates don’t just answer questions but tackle problems right in front of you. This provides the best understanding of the candidate’s skills in a real-time problem-solving environment.

Adding assessment features and utilizing them in interviews is a strategy you can use to select only the best-qualified candidates for the Job position.

HR Management Tools

Recruiter must be provided with proper HR Functionalities that blend with the recruitment process. From recruitment of candidates to onboarding all HR tools must be present in one integrated platform.

Having a good understanding of your competitors is important to level yourself with competitors and we at werbooz will make sure you have all the HR management tools from creating job flow to hiring the candidate.

 Web developer coding for customized web development services on a computer
Key Elements of Human Resources

Sorting and Filtering Candidates

The option to filter candidates could include various search filters based on Candidates work experience, Candidate’s Qualifications, Job Location, Skills, Certifications, age, gender and many more.

Advanced recruitment systems could also include adding custom indicators, such as filtering candidates based on their preferred work schedules.

Applicant tracking systems (ATS)

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) has useful features like process automation, interview scheduling, resume parsing, and many more, it is used by approximately 75% of recruiters today. And an impressive 94% of ATS users reported significant improvements in their hiring processes due to its time-saving candidate sorting and proper screening of candidates. ATS enhances candidate selection and streamlines the hiring workflow.

Advanced AI Interviews

AI and ML are reshaping how we recruit; AI-driven interviews can work wonders by conducting interviews on your behalf. AI evaluates candidates, makes the right decisions, and offers flexibility in interviews. Unlike traditional interviews that require an interviewer’s presence, AI interviews can be taken anytime by the candidate. Integrate AI into your recruitment web application using Werbooz for a more efficient recruitment process.

3. Proper Recruitment Process: Understanding the who, what, when, where, why and how of your recruitment strategy

I. Improve Your Recruitment Process With Golden Circle

The Golden Circle can be used as a guide to vastly improve every aspect of your business or organization—from leadership and hiring to product development, sales, and marketing.

Before you hire your workforce, first understand the essence of recruitment. Follow the golden rule when hiring: know what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how you are doing it.

II. The Golden Circle for Recruitment

While recruiting, it becomes a bit more challenging. So, the golden circle for recruitment goes one step further: who, what, when, where, why, and how to recruit.

One can use this golden circle of recruitment to hire the right candidates and know the answers to the following questions before posting a job :

Flowchart showing key steps and tools used in a typical web development process
The Golden Circle of Recruitment
  • Who to hire? : Backend Developer
  • What kind of candidate do you want?: Individuals with at least two years of Development experience and certification in AWS, MERN stack or MEAN.
  • What kind of candidate do you want?: Individuals with at least two years of Development experience and certification in AWS, MERN stack or MEAN.
  • When do you want the candidate? The recruiting Process will start on February 5th and end by April 5th.
  • Where to post the job? : Prepare to post your backend development job on the right platform. Ideally, you should use a job listing site to access the best candidates instead of posting it somewhere else.
  • How do you want to hire the candidate?: If you want to simplify it then use a Hiring platform or use the lengthy way : Send an email to the qualified candidates for phone interviews or conduct phone interviews. Contact best suited candidates for an in-person interview. Make a list of best candidates and so on.
  • Why: We’re expanding our expertise, and we need to devote a team of backend developers to increase the efficiency of our project

4. Types of Recruitment Web applications

The recruitment web applications can be categorized in the following manner:


They are the platforms where employers post for job openings and job seekers get the required notifications.
Examples: Indeed and CareerBuilder


It helps the people to connect with other professionals and find suitable job opportunities.
Example: Linked In


These sites provide information about company reviews, salary information and job listings.
Example: Glassdoor


They are centric and specific for some domains . They are very crucial in recruiting people in specific domains of the industry.
Example: Hired(tech and sale roles) , Stack Overflow Jobs (software development)


These provide short-term opportunities and project-based jobs.
Example: Upwork and Fiverr


They are designed to streamline the application processes and manage a large number of applications.
Example: Workday, BomayHR etc.


They are the platforms where employers post for job openings and job seekers get the required notifications.
Examples: Indeed and CareerBuilder

Flowchart showing key steps and tools used in a typical web development process
Recruitment through AI Interview


They are the platforms where employers post for job openings and job seekers get the required notifications.
Examples: Indeed and CareerBuilder

5. Building a powerful recruitment web application from scratch(Step-by-step guide)

I. Select the Best Database for Your Business

We provide a step-by-step guide to help you build a recruiter web application.
Let us begin to make our application:

The steps are listed below:

  1. Recognize Your Objectives
  2. Market Research
  3. Designing User Experience(UX)
  4. Developing the application
  5. Implement Key Features
  6. Testing the application
  7. Deployment
  8. Launching the application
How should I start?

We always encounter this question when we want to do something new or complex.
Well, don’t worry. First, we will help you to identify your objectives or goals. Consider the following points:

a) Identify stakeholders or the companies that will use your application.
b) Understand the key features that have to be incorporated in the application. For instance job posting, resume parsing, candidate sorting and filtering, etc.


In order to make an application which is suitable as per the current market scenario , analyze the current market statistics and economy of the nation.

How can we analyze the market?

We can use a number of tools to analyze the market. Some of the important tools available in the market are :

  • Statista
  • Google Trends
  • Census Bureau
  • Qualtrics and many more.

With the help of these tools , you can easily short-list some of the most well-known applications like Linked In, And understand the competition. This would help you to know the present demands of the users and help you to understand the key features present in the market in a better way.


The designing of the web application is very crucial. There is a saying : “ First impression is the last impression

Hiring a web development company that has its expertise in designing can help your organization create a great user experience. You might know a few things about designing your recruitment web app but a designer knows how to achieve perfection. Perfection is not achieved when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Some points to consider are:

  1. Never compromise on the quality while designing the major pages like home page, job application page and search pages of the web-application.

    Keep in mind getting a quality website is not an expense but rather an investment.
  2. Consult with professional web development companies before choosing any design tool like Figma , Sketch , Adobe XD for designing your recruitment application.  
  3. User feedback is consequential, You may change your prototype as per the inputs given by the end user. 
How can I choose the right tool for designing?

Well, that depends on a number of factors:

  • Budget of the client
  • Type of project, and many other factors.
Infographic showing statistics on business satisfaction levels with web development companies compared to freelancers
Key Elements of UI/UX Designing

Sometimes , tools and their properties have to be studied .But this becomes easier to do ,with the help of a web application company. For instance Most of the advanced features of the Adobe XD are paid . Figma is used on a large scale , as it is easy to use and it provides a lot of features free of cost. So, it depends on the choice of the user or the client to choose among the tools.


“I don’t know about the development of an application! This would refrain me from making a correct decision.”

Well, it is an understandable condition. But nothing to worry about!
We provide you some points that would help you to achieve development of your application.

  1. To develop the display or look of the application,we use front-end development technology. This helps to design the web pages of the application. In order to create dynamic interfaces, companies usually invest in technologies like react, angular or Vue js.
  2. In order to efficiently manage the data and store it in an efficient manner, back-end development is required.
  3. We can use a lot of data technologies for good communication. For example: GraphQL is used to make fast and reliable APIs. APIs are Application Performing Interface.They act as a mid layer between the client and the server,

Once you have selected a perfect web development company, you would have a lot of options to choose technologies that you want to use.
So, the development becomes easy!


Are there any key features to incorporate in the recruitment web application?

  1. Implement security features and login portal.
  2. Allow employees to create, edit and delete jobs.
  3. Provide tools for tracking candidate information.
  4. Enable job seekers to make professional profiles.
  5. Use OAuth for token-based authentication. These tools allow the company to keep the user’s information more secure.

These features or key points that have to be incorporated in the application can be easily analyzed by the web development company , while building the application.


No one wants to find out that after investing so much time and resources in their brand new recruitment application, in the end it is full of bugs and glitches. Who would want their user to have a bad experience? Resulting in a bad reputation for your company and brand. That is why we put so much emphasis on testing your recruitment application before we make it live. So this leaves us with 2 questions:

I. Is testing really important?

YES! It is crucial to test the web application before introducing it into the market.
Testing helps to avoid any faults that may occur. Proper testing contributes to an improvement in the application’s service quality. This prevents future hassles for anyone who will use the application.
Poor application testing might have serious repercussions. The application’s users may find it challenging to handle the faults. This may negatively impact users’ perceptions towards the application.

II. How can I test my recruitment application?

From the perspective of hiring a web development company, the company would provide you a lot of features and also provide inbuilt testing mechanisms also. Thus, once a person hires a web development company to build an application , testing is generally done by the company itself.


In this phase the deployment and maintenance of the application is done. Choosing a reliable hosting service like AWS, Google Cloud or Heroku is very important.

You will get to choose the best hosting platform according to your needs, as you will be getting proper assistance from the development company.

Deployment is also followed by maintenance, which is done once the application is successfully launched in the market.

When you hire a web development company, it helps you to deploy and maintain the application in a very efficient manner.


This is the final stage of building a strong recruitment web application. Some key points to consider are:

  • Ensure the correct and smooth working of all the recruitment tools and features.
  • Prepare some marketing materials and campaigns.
  • Announce the launch date in various social media platforms and newsletters.
  • Continuously improve the application and its features based on the feedback from the public.

Recruitment web Applicaion Development Process
Recruitment web application development flowchart

6. Cost of Building a Powerful Recruitment Web Application

When considering development of a recruitment software there are certain factors that influence its cost. Knowledge of these elements assists in decision making processes and better planning and management of budgets.

  • The choice of features and functions that need to be put in the implementation is one of the key cost drivers,
  • There are some additional advanced features that may cost higher such as applicant tracking system(ATS), AI Interviews and resume parsing system.
  • It is clear that the number of users also has an impact on costs, wherein having a large number of users will cause large expenses.
  • Configuration and integration with the existing systems increase the expenses, and it may require time and training besides constant assistance. The credibility of the existing system and compatibility while adding the new developed software as the business evolves is also a factor to consider.
  • There are numerous factors that determine the cost of developing recruitment software which therefore differs.

There are numerous factors that determine the cost of developing recruitment software which therefore differs.

Starting with basic software, it costs as low as $10, 000 and may top at $30, 000. Moderate solutions usually fall between $30,000 to $75,000. The advanced software that is fully integrated and customizable, with numerous functionalities, starts at $75,000 to $150,000 and more. While fully customized, enterprise-level solutions can begin at prices higher than $150,000.

Normally Freelancers tend to charge less but hiring a professional web development company is always reliable providing you quality services and support . Therefore it is always advisable to hire a web development team making it a wiser long-term choice for your business.

7. Key Examples and Case Studies

In our daily lives, we can see a lot of strong recruitment web applications that are used by people on a large scale. We can take examples of these applications and understand the topic in a more detail:

Top Recruitment Web Applications
Top Recruitment Web Applications


It is a robust recruitment application that helps the users to build professional profiles, connect with others and also recruit suitable people for the required work.
Key features of the application include :
a) Creating of professional profiles
b) Job Listing
c) Networking


It is very popular for getting company reviews and salary information. It also helps people to find jobs in an easy manner.
Some key features of the application include:
a) Company Reviews
b) Salary Information
c) Interview insights


It is one of the earliest and most well-established search engines for both the job-seekers and employers.
Some key features of this application include:
a) Job Search
b) Resume Upload
c) Career Advice

Other prominent applications include: Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Hired etc.

Thus, we can understand that a strong recruitment web application is actually an eclectic mixture of various features. These features must be key factors in designing a web application.


In this way, we can say that building a recruitment web application is the need of the Era.We can say that hiring a web development company to build a recruitment site is a fruitful investment.

In a nutshell, We analyzed the importance of the recruitment web application. Ourjourney had many major milestones like understanding the key features of the application , learning about various types of recruitment applications,cost of building such applications and many more.
We also learnt the why, who, when and how, of building a recruitment web development company.

The detailed guide to build the recruitment web application covered all significant steps like designing , developing , implementing key features and launching the app in the market.
A web development company can be a great help in the entire procedure.

So, Once a person hires a web development company, the entire process of building a robust recruitment web application becomes an easy task.


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